In the eye of MI

Marlies van Veghel

Concept - Creatie - Styling - Inspiratie

'Wonderland' and 'Exploding Rainbow, Yellow' and 'Happy tears dried in the night', are for show and for sale at STIJLDEPARTMENT, Pampuslaan 23-25 in Amsterdam. Lovely excuse to visit this beautiful shop (and perhaps grab a delicious coffee or buy pretty dress while you're there?) For more artwork please visit ARTWORK.

Exploding Rainbow, Yellow

Happy tears dried in the night

Styling Lichte Dichter

Don't talk just blush

Website Madaga

Logo ontwerp Buro Maek.

Ontwerp Madaga

In our heads


MI / Marlies

Here comes the sun

Dancing without pink

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Kleding(kast) advies

Je vindt In the eye of MI ook op Pinterest. Een relatief onschuldige verslaving..


Banner Silence of the Lamps

Orange Daylight

Aankleding & Artwork event

CD ontwerp 'Who's afraid of red, yellow & blues'

RES The Lab event aankleding

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Jip had een 'Raar Haar' feestje