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Het is wellicht een vreemde mix, een website over 'energetisch inzicht' én 'kunst en vormgeving'. En dan ook nog eens half in het Engels, half in het Nederlands. Toch hebben mijn twee 'liefdes' die op deze site samenkomen meer met elkaar gemeen dan je op het eerste oog ziet.

In beide vakgebieden probeer ik 'door de dingen heen' te kijken, voorbij wat met het blote oog zichtbaar is, want daar wordt het voor mij pas echt interessant. Een nieuwe blik, een nieuw perspectief, aanbieden, verkennen en ervaren. Graag neem ik je mee naar deze fijne wereld, waar alles een beetje vrijer en ruimer is en waar je kunt ervaren dat niets alleen maar zwart of wit is, maar dat er kleuren te kort komen om te beschrijven en tonen waaruit het leven en wijzelf zijn opgebouwd. Laagje voor laagje, meerdimensionaal en gebruikmakend van een groot palet aan 'mixed media'.

De informatie over energetisch inzicht staat hier in het Nederlands beschreven. Energetisch waarnemen is zo verfijnd en subtiel, dat het in mijn moedertaal soms al zoeken is naar de juiste woorden, om de volledige complexiteit aan lading en informatielagen te kunnen bevatten. Wil je toch liever in het Engels te woord gestaan worden over mijn energetische praktijk, neem dan alsjeblieft even contact met me op.

De informatie over mijn kunst staat hier grotendeels in het Engels. (Want diep van binnen hoop ik natuurlijk op een grote internationale doorbraak...)

You might perhaps think it's a strange combination, a website about 'energetic insight' and 'art and design’. And on top of that half written in English, half in Dutch. But these two passions of mine in life that are joined together on this website are actually more a like than you could imagine 'at first glance'.

In both fields I try to look 'through things', beyond what meets the eye, because that is exactly when it becomes really interesting for me. Offering a surprisingly new view on matters. Exploring and experiencing a new perspective. I would like to take you to this wonderful world, where everything is a bit more free and more spacious. A place where you can experience that nothing is only black or white, but where there are almost not enough colors available to show what life, ourselves included, is composed of. Layer by layer, multi-dimensional and using a large palette of 'mixed media'.

The information about energetic insight on this website is written in Dutch. The whole concept of energetic perception is so refined and subtle that even in my mother tongue It's sometimes hard to come up with the proper words to grasp the whole complexity of meaning and layers of information. However, if you prefer to be informed in English about my energetic consultations/ readings, please feel free to contact me.

The information about my artwork on this website is largely written in English. (Because, of course, I’m wishing for, and anticipating on a major international breakthrough…)

Kunstwerk 'www' door Marlies van Veghel

.Nieuws / News.

Feb 2019

My latest artwork is titled 'Flying solo'. Because of the use of gold-, silver- and pearl-paint (and spray paint) this work is not only radient, but also looks diffrent depending on the angle and time of day (and source of light). I even used a little bit of glow-in-the-dark paint on this one. The painting is quite large; it measures 140x140 cm.

For more artwork, please visit my art page.

Dec 2018

In december ben ik officieel gestart met het geven van energetische consulten waarin ik een reading geef. Tot 1-3-2019 geldt een kennismakingstarief van € 115,-*. Daarna geldt het standaard tarief van € 150,-* per consult van max. 2 uur. Er wordt een geluidsopname van de reading gemaakt en na afloop aan je toegestuurd, zodat je het later altijd terug kunt luisteren. Een reading werkt vaak maanden, soms zelfs jaren, door.

Heb je interesse in een consult/ reading, of wil je er meer over te weten komen? Kijk dan bij Energetisch inzicht.

*Prijzen incl. BTW voor particulieren en excl. BTW voor bedrijven.

Nov 2018

Marlies van Veghel wins art prize

Proud to inform you that my latest work 'www' won the audience prize in the 'Alter Nation' competion of thought provoking art by Smash the Narrative.

'www" was chosen as one of the 21 finalist in this contest about 'national identity in current times' and was displayed from October until November in the exhibition in Go Gallery Amsterdam.

For more information about contributing artist and contesting artworks, please visit: Smash the Narrative.

Nov 2018

My latest artwork is called 'She too'. Although the titel is -of course- inspired by the recent #metoo movement, the work itself should be viewed in a much broader context. The work is also inspired by the picture I saw on NOS news showing so called Dutch ‘moffenmeiden’ (German lovers) and the complexity of the several wars that went on for decades in Rwanda.

The ‘moffenmeiden’ were Dutch girls who were severely punished (without an official trial) after World War II for their relationships/affairs with a German soldier during the war. The girls heads were shaven and they were badly physically and often sexually abused as punishment for their 'love'. I was taken by the overwhelming touching and powerful mixture of guilt, grieve and willpower as shown by the girls in the picture.

The situation in Rwanda is complex because Hutu’s and Tutsi’s were both at one point in history the aggressor. After the genocide of 1992 Hutu’s and Tutsi’s are forced to live together side by side, since it is not possible to convict all the perpetrators because they make up more than half of the population. And this is just one example of the complexity of 'right' and 'wrong' regarding opposite sites in conflicts in general all around the world.

Both story’s, together with the developments around #metoo, show that there is a really thin line between being a victim and being an aggressor and that maybe we all have parts of both in ourselves. Between 'right' and 'wrong' -for me- lies an endless field of possible ratios.

This artwork explores what it looks like when contradicting experiences and opinions are all ‘true’. Can strength, grieve, serenity, aggression, guilt, suffering, submission, atonement, love etc. all take place at the same time within one single person? (And if so, should we change the way we look at others and ourselves and how we praise and condemn others and ourselves?)

Are guilt and innocence reconcilable?

Summer 2018

'Wonderland', 'Exploding Rainbow, Yellow' and 'Happy tears dried in the night', are for show and for sale at STIJLDEPARTMENT, Pampuslaan 23-25 in Amsterdam. Lovely excuse to visit this beautiful shop (and perhaps grab a delicious coffee or buy pretty dress while you're there?) For more artwork please visit Kunst/ Art.

June 2018

About 'www' :

This work is not finished, and probably never will be. It's like culture(s): an ongoing proces. Layer on layer. "www" shows how cultures are erupted from earth. Their roots gained their color depending on the landscape. Our cultures can only exist in the presence of other cultures. If there was only one culture, there would not be any. Although they differ from each other, they all consist of the same building blocks.

This work shows the layers of culture(s). Culture rooted in the soil of its homeland and culture as layers above that soil: The way we speak, our internal rhythm given and dictated by the landscape we live in and the social agreements and conventions we made.

Cultures are never static, always fluid. As our landscape can change over many of years, so do our cultures. Not only by the change in landscape, but also by the view at, and sometimes touch of, other cultures.

There are no borders for cultures. With continuous exponential growing access to other cultures by traveling and internet, we accelerate that process of change. Our roots in the soil are still changing slowly, but 'above' we are influenced, touched and inspired. It's like we are one big organism consisting of cels that interact and exchange.

There are people that fear these (rapid) changes.. I like to look at it from a more optimistic point of view. That the exchange and mixing of our 'cultural colors' will create something larger than just the sum of those separate colors added up.

In time there will derive something out of this colorful web, that will exceed and transcend those colors. Hence the gold and silver lines.

The canvas is 50x50 cm. If displayed, it must hang horizontally, so the public can also look at the bottom of the work. I chose thread because of its fragile nature. A stool is part of the artwork, which enables people to look at the work from diffrent angles regardless of their hight.

I used (besides the silver and gold) 41 different colors which I got from friends, who almost all got it from their moms and didn't use it themselves. The nails and threads remind me of my parents. It's like reconnecting with my childhood home. Being impatient and being someone who likes to throw with paint, this ongoing process with fragile threads is quite a challenge for me. The slow pass in which this artwork is created feels more like art, than is shown by the canvas.

'www' - the making of:

'www' - in Go Gallery Amsterdam:

Compilatie van kunstwerk artwork 'www' van Marlies van Veghel bij Go Gallery Amsterdam

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